Finding your Peter, James and John.

Today I dare you to look within your close circle and find your John, Peter and James. A shoulder to lean on, a friend to lift you up and lighten your load. A person willing to go through the mud with you, people to rebuke you, and yet build you. People to redesign you. The... Continue Reading →

God, give me a sign.

Many times when we are caught between a hard place and a rock we like to say things like; God at least bring me someone, or let it rain, meet me in a dream, or may I see a shooting star, lord let me hear your still small voice, lord would you please meet me... Continue Reading →


Growing up our house was always full, not with just people (guests) or Jesus guests but many laughter lots of learning both by lash and in love all in the name of "silly solidarity" need I mention the treacherous games, bets and childhood trickery that my big brothers crafted. All these memories bound us together... Continue Reading →


2018 started out with one loud desire, GROWTH and look what the Lord has done! I look back at a year this has been and am in awe. Woke up this morning to read through my 2018 journal and I was amazed at how detailed God had been, promises he made then I've seen them... Continue Reading →

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